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Our Vision

A.T.A.C., Inc. believes that the only way to protect your future is to be forward-thinking. This proactive approach applies not only to security needs but also to data, communications, and technology. As technology advances, we want to make sure that our vision, as well as yours, keeps in step with these advances. A.T.A.C., Inc. will assist with the acquisition and implementation of various systems and test the effectiveness of your internal protocols on a continuous basis. By providing proper training, we will ensure these tools are utilized properly. With years of experience and qualified personnel, we look forward to working with you from the initial assessment throughout the life of your business. Our vision is a partnership between our company and yours!

Who We Are

American Threat Assessment Consulting, Inc. is a security company that is focused on providing the total experience.

American Threat Assessment Consulting, Inc. started as a security company focused on providing the total security experience, from assessment to implementation. As we grew and acquired new talent, we noticed synergy between our systems and other technologies, such as communication. Our team understands the impact of security on workflow and our internal knowledge of other technologies we can offer our customers. Thus, A.T.A.C., Inc. grew into a low-voltage systems integrator. While we have a very strong foundation in security and a wide range of expertise in that field, we also thrive on the implementation of other low-voltage technologies as well.

Our mission is to bring a team of seasoned professionals to your project to manage all of your low-voltage needs.

Our team has years of experience in law enforcement, security services, systems integration, and communications. We pride ourselves on solid relationships with manufacturers, integrators, and service providers. With our network of partners, we will not only meet but exceed your expectations from the initial needs assessment through continued training.

A.T.A.C., Inc. has been entrusted with projects of all capacities in both the public and private sectors. From small retail stores to large multi-site locations, we have implemented custom solutions that meet the individual needs of the client. Our main area of coverage is Southwestern United States with a focus on California and Arizona, but we have been able to handle locations throughout the country with our network of partners to meet our client’s needs. We provide design-build services, as well as bid-per-specifications for construction projects. A strong partnership in the construction industry allows us to assist large electrical contractors with parts and smart solutions or turn-key installations. Our goal is to provide a custom solution and implementation that meets the needs of the customer, whether that is end-user direct, or as a sub-contractor.

Our Team

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David Clark

Founder of ATAC, Inc. and currently serves as the President of the company

From 2002 to 2007, David was employed as a police officer for the Redlands Police Department and participated in multiple task forces, including the Gang Unit. In late 2007, David decided to expand his career and work as a Sales Manager for a low-voltage contractor. David’s success in sales, management, strategic development, and customer/ vendor relations earned him the position of the Vice President of Sales.

In 2013, David started ATAC, Inc. The experience he had gained over the years in law enforcement, business management, construction management, sales, and internet technology prepared him to pursue his passion for security integration. David feels blessed to be able to work alongside some of the most respected manufacturers in the business while supporting a wide range of customers who are our business partners.

In 2000, David earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of California, Riverside. In 2007, David achieved a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and a Master Certificate in Human Resources from Chapman University.
David currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife and three children.

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Kellie Clark

Chief Financial Officer at ATAC, Inc.

In 2008, Kellie began her Financial Management career as a Controller for a distribution company where she managed accounting, finance, and human resources. In 2010, Kellie was promoted as the Chief Financial Officer. Kellie’s ability to successfully manage multiple projects, employees, and departments expanded her role as a CFO to manage accounting, finance, purchasing, human resources, internet technology, customer service, and operations.

In 2017, Kellie decided to use her experience in managing the business and financial growth for larger companies to help create the same success for ATAC, Inc. Kellie strongly supports and believes in the vision of the company, the partnerships created with customers and vendors, and is proud to work side by side with her husband, David.

In 2005, Kellie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Finance. In 2010, Kellie received a Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Management and Leadership from the University of La Verne. In 2010, Kellie also completed the CFP program through the University of California, Los Angeles.

Kellie currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband and three children.

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Tom Bozek

Director of Operations at ATAC, Inc.

In 2003, Tom was employed as a fully sworn Deputy Sheriff for 9 years before deciding to retire from his full-time position. Tom remained a Reserve Deputy for 5 years, volunteering his time to help the community and local residents. Tom’s decision to expand his career led him to work full-time at a low-voltage construction company in 2011.

Due to Tom’s experience and knowledge of crime prevention techniques, safety, and security of multi-home and business complexes, his work first began in security systems design. While working in the low-voltage industry, Tom gained experience in several areas outside of security, including fire alarm, audiovisual, and telecom, to name a few.

In 2013, Tom Bozek joined the ATAC, Inc. team, where he managed projects, worked with vendors, and maintained excellent customer relationships. As his knowledge expanded and the company grew, Tom’s role also grew in management. Tom continues to manage the operations of the company, working with several low-voltage systems.

Tom resides in Rancho Cucamonga, California with his wife and two children.

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Justine Persons

Director of Administration of ATAC, Inc.

Justine joined the team in 2015 with her role in accounting. Justine’s previous experience in customer service and accounting equipped her with the ability to quickly expand her role to include purchasing and human resource functions.

In 2017, Justine was promoted to office manager, overseeing much of the daily transactions along with maintaining customer and vendor relationships and working directly with the CFO of the company.

Justine currently resides in Surprise, Arizona with her husband and two children.

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Shawn Stocking

Sales Executive at ATAC, Inc.

Before joining the ATAC, Inc. team in 2015, Shawn worked as a Project Accountant at Kinder Morgan. Shawn’s extensive experience in project forecasting, analysis, scheduling, contracts, and project management gave him a valuable foundation to grow his career in Sales.

Shawn has expanded his knowledge in video surveillance, access control, intrusion, das, audio & video, and telecommunications, giving him the ability to provide clear recommendations and proposals to our valued customers. Shawn’s exceptional relationships with our manufacturers, vendors, and customers give him the capability to provide the finest solutions while also being cost-effective and providing unsurpassed customer service.

Shawn Stocking attended Liberty University and graduated in 2016, earning his degree in Christian Leadership and Biblical Theology. Shawn resides in Rancho Cucamonga, California with his three children.

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Jessica Parker

Sales Engineer at ATAC, Inc.

Jessica joined the ATAC, Inc. team in 2019 as one of the first Arizona sales representatives after the decision was made to expand ATAC’s current SW territory presence and open up the since established Arizona branch. Within her first couple years, Jessica knew she wanted to broaden her skills and abilities to help customers in the industry which is where she expressed interest in both the Engineering and Operations side.

Since starting with ATAC, Inc. Jessica has become knowledgeable and achieved certifications in several systems of the manufacturer lines carried by ATAC such as Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intrusion and License Plate Recognition to better assist her in assessing and providing necessary recommendations and solutions to ATAC’s valued customers. With customer service being of the upmost importance, Jessica has created sound relationships with not only her customers but her manufacturers and vendors as well.

Jessica attended Emporia State University and graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Promotion & Exercise Science. Jessica now resides in Surprise, Arizona with her husband and 4 dogs.