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The need is to design a CMS system that holds account of multiple users and will be maintained by an admin. There should be a nice front end UI with professional graphics. Existing templates from portfolio can be used. There will be a backend database of choice that maintains the transactions and the process and the technology stack should either be .NET preferably or LAMP. The system needs to have the correct SSL features implemented and needs to be tightly secured with certificates. The application should be compatible across platforms and browsers i.e Web (chrome, IE, Firefox, safari),
Mobile, Tab and Macs. The system should keep history of the transactions by the customers and the admin. Pages: Main Page – with option to login – Signup Login page – with forgot username / password and Captcha Signup page – Form with all the details and submit button. Will not automatically create an account.
The person will get a page saying your account will be reviewed and
responded back etc. The email will be sent to admin for the person who has signed up. Customer 1. Customer landing page: With Display of following (from the database): – Total Investment –
Gain / Loss – Portfolio – Quarterly Div – Share Price – View Alerts / Notifications 2. Customer – My Account Page: – Name, address, phone number, dob, email, reset password, add bank details 3. Customer – Deposit page Deposit amount entry. Request Date. Actual deposit date. Submit button. Confirmation flag( this will be updated by the admin once the back office manually will confirm if the transfer was made or not) see Admin – Transaction section. 4. Customer – Withdrawal page How do you want to withdraw the money? Option 1 – By Wire , Option 2 – by Check Wire: 2 selections- Domestic or Internation- Domestic: Entry for Bank Name, Account #, Routing # International: Entry for Bank Name , Account #, ABA Routing #, Swift Code, Bank Address Check:

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